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Rebecca Ferguson Shares Her Favorite Deleted Scene in “Dune”

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Key Takeaways:

reveals her favorite deleted scene from 's .
– This scene could have provided a deeper insight into the relationship between Lady Jessica and Baron Harkonnen portrayed by Ferguson.
– Denis Villeneuve, the Canadian filmmaker, believes scenes are deleted for a reason and once removed, they won't be revisited.

Swedish Rebecca Ferguson has openly expressed her disappointment on a couple of deleted scenes from the sci-fi epic Dune. She played the character of Lady Jessica Atreides, the mother of 's Paul Atreides, in the film based on Frank Herbert's novel. She shared her thoughts on how one of her favorite sequences that revealed some more about her character's relationship with Baron Harkonnen was removed.

The Deleted Scene in Question

Ferguson unraveled the details of this significant scene during an with ReelBlend Podcast. The scene in question involved her character Lady Jessica, and Paul Atreides, being captured and tossed into an ornithopter. The following depict Lady Jessica tied in a fetal position, struggling to breathe as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen rolls over her, whispering something menacing into her ear.

She expressed her regret about the scene's omission, considering its potential to provide greater depth to her character's relationship with Baron Harkonnen. She opined, “My sadness is the fact that when you find out [Jessica is Baron Harkonnen's daughter], it becomes a really odd dynamic, that scene, because it's oddly sensual and s*xual, and weird. And also it left us wondering what this relationship was, and I if that's why he cut it.”

Ferguson's Favorite Scenes

Ferguson admitted her fondness for the deleted scenes but acknowledged the necessity of such decisions to propel the story forward and make room for further revelations. She views this part as one of her favorites, as it essentially isolates Lady Jessica and Baron Harkonnen in a room. However, she also conceded that the deletion could have mitigated potential confusion regarding the complex connection between the characters.

The 's Stand on Deleted Scenes

Director Denis Villeneuve has previously discussed his editing approach for his movies, including Dune, reporting that there are no alternate versions apart from what viewers see in theaters. In an interaction with Collider, the acclaimed filmmaker views deleted scenes as ‘dead' and maintains his strict stance in the editing room prioritizing the movie's integrity above all. Any hopes of viewing the omitted footage seem to be dashed, but Ferguson acknowledges that this is a standard practice in film .

‘Severe in the editing room,' is how Villeneuve describes himself. For him, the decision to kill a scene and leave it on the cutting room floor is always painful. However, it's part and parcel of his job, emphasizing, “The movie prevails. I'm very, I think, severe in the editing room. I'm not thinking about my ego; I'm thinking about the movie.”

For all fans and followers of the epic space saga, the 2021 version of Dune starring Rebecca Ferguson is now available for streaming on Netflix. Regardless of the deleted scenes, Ferguson's performance has garnered praise for her portrayal of the complex character, Lady Jessica Atreides.



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