Quentin Tarantino Drops the Lawsuit Against Gawker

Back in January, Quentin Tarantino filed a lawsuit against Gawker Media over the leak of his upcoming feature film, Hateful Eight.

The lawsuit was later dismissed in mid-April, while the judge left room for Tarantino to refile his law suit with additional evidence. Last week, Tarantino would later refile the lawsuit. However, according to reports, Quentin Tarantino, the director of action thrillers such as 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Django' has dropped the lawsuit with Gawker.
Now, a week later and before Gawker made any response, Tarantino has withdrawn the lawsuit without prejudice, meaning he can re-file at a later time if he chooses. And in fact, Tarantino’s dismissal motion hints but hardly guarantees a sequel. It says, “This dismissal is made without prejudice, whereby Plaintiff may later advance an action and refile a complaint after further investigations to ascertain and plead the identities of additional infringers resulting from Gawker Media’s contributory copyright infringement, by its promotion, aiding and abetting and materially contributing to the dissemination to third-parties of unauthorized copies of Plaintiff’s copyrighted work.” [HollywoodReporter>
The original lawsuit was over alleged "contributory infringement" whereby, Gawker helped in the copyright infringement of Tarantino's movie "Hateful Eight". The judge threw out the initial lawsuit stating that there was no evidence of direct infringement to support the claim that Gawker actually contributed to it. The refiling of the lawsuit then claimed that Gawker had committed direct infringement by downloading the leaked script to their computer and additional contributory infringement by directing readers to a website where they can read the script. It looks as though Tarantino had a lot to prove in order to win this lawsuit and has decided it was not worth the time nor the effort. Photo Credit: s_bukley / What do you think of the lawsuit? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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