"Prometheus 2": Prometheus Sequel Coming Soon to Theaters

Your Alien wishes have come true, a Prometheus 2 is coming soon!

Michael Fassbender has confirmed he will be returning for Prometheus 2, according to If you can't recall, Michael Fassbender played a creepy robot David, that was conniving and yet so interested in the Alien prequel. Photo Credit: CanadaPanda/Shutterstock Photo Credit: CanadaPanda/Shutterstock Before you get super excited, Fassbender commented that he has no idea when filming is set to begin. When asked by the website Collider if he was looking forward to working with Scott Ridley again he said,  ‘For sure. I love Ridley. He’s a master filmmaker.’ Fassbender is currently promoting for the latest X-Men feature film that comes out this May 22nd. He is set to return as a young Magneto.  

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