'Powerpuff Girls' Voice Actors Hates the New Version

Powerpuff Girls voice actor feels betrayed by the new version of the cartoon crime fighting series.

Voice actor Tara Strong took to Twitter yesterday arguing that the recasting of the title characters feels like "a stab in the heart." Strong played Bubbles on the original show, alongside Cathy Cavadini's Blossom and E.G. Daily's Buttercup. The trio portrayed the girls across 78 episodes of monkey-smashing, Emmy-winning, brightly colored action, as well as a theatrical release and two half-hour specials released in 2009 and 2014. Butno more. Cartoon Network released a press release on Monday announcing that new voice actors have taken on the roles, playing Blossom (Amanda Leighton), Bubbles (Kristen Li), and Buttercup (Natalie Palamides). Tara Strong made it clear that she felt no city-smashing rage toward the new cast, only sadness that she and her co-workers had not been asked to return for their iconic roles: "I have NO ILL FEELINGS 4 the actresses in the new , We were just beyond hurt we were NEVER asked..every role I breathe life into I love" A big part of Strong's betrayal might come from the fat that not much about the new show seems different or new, except for different voice actors but, voice actors Tom Kenny (the narrator/Mayor), Roger L. Jackson (Mojo Jojo) and Jennifer Hale (Ms. Keen) are expected to return (at least, according to an interview Kenny gave back in May.) Powerpuff_girls_characters In addition, the only other difference is the show's original creator, Craig McCracken. Strong argued that the show cannot and will not exist without McCracken. "The truth is, I can’t imagine being done without the genius mind who created it @CrackMcCraigen" The new 'Powerpuff Girls' is set to debut in 2016.

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