'Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension' Flops in the Box Office

Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension has the worst box-office opening in franchise history.

Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension had the worst box office opening than any other low-budget horror movie. The sixth movie in the Paranormal Activity franchise opened at only $8.2 million, the worst ever in the box office series. That is well under the last Paranormal Activity movie which opened in second with $18.3 million in January last year. So it begs the question? Why did Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension flop in the Box Office this weekend? Blame it on video on demand. Apparently, many movie theaters refused to show the movie at their locations. In fact, it was only available in half as many movie theaters in comparison to the last Paranormal Activity movies. The biggest movie theater chains including Regal, Carmike, Marcus and Harkins, all refused to play the movie after Paramount made a deal with AMC and Cineplaex to shorten the exclusive theater release and make the movie available on demand after 17 days. This is not the first time movie theaters are turning their backs on shortened exclusive theater releases. Recently, Idris Elba's Beasts of No Nation was also boycotted by movie theaters because Netflix made the movie available on their streaming platform the same day as the movie's release. From The Wrap:
“We knew we were very likely to take a hit on the grosses,” Megan Colligan, Parmount’s president of worldwide marketing and distribution, told TheWrap. “But we thought it was worth it to get some hard data and be transparent about it so that our exhibitors, our competitors and customers can take a look at it and render some informed decisions.”
It will be interesting to see how Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension plays out on Video On Demand. According to TheWrap, Paramount is hoping that viewers are still interested to watch the movie from the comforts of their homes rather than the movie theaters after such a disappointing release. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is a found footage supernatural horror film directed by Gregory Plotkin in his directorial debut. It is the sixth and final movie in the Paranormal Activity franchise. Paranormal Activity 6 received pretty bad reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the average review was negative with the site calling the movie, "Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension ties up some of the franchise's lingering questions, but six films into the series, the thrills are mostly gone."

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