Paramount Pictures to Reboot 'Face/Off'

John travolta

John travolta

The blockbuster classic “Face/Off” is getting the reboot treatment.

The cult-classic 1997 action-thriller saw John Travolta and Nicolas Cage going head-to-head was a hit at the box office. The movie also received an Academy Award nomination, and is often considered one of director John Woo’s biggest movies.

Paramount Pictures is rebooting the movie with Oren Uziel, the writer for “22 Jump Street” and “The Cloverfield Paradox,” writing the script. According to reports, the original storyline will be changed with new characters. That said, which actors and directors to be involved in the movie has not been released. It is important to note that Paramount Pictures has not had major box office success since selling Marvel properties to Disney and Face/Off could be a great way to see box office success once again.

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