The Original Version of 'Snow White' Was Banned for Being Too Sexy for Disney

Did you know the original Disney drawing for Snow White was banned because it was too sexy?

The first Snow White prequel movie, Snow White and The Huntsman was a box office hit movie. The Kristen Stewart production earned $396 million in the box office. Unfortunately, the sequel didn't do as well. But, did you know Disney's version of Snow White caused a major controversy at Walt Disney Studios? Apparently, her original designs were considered too "raunchy" and the family friendly animation company tried to destroy all of the drawings in order to protect their reputation. Snow White was animated in the conservative 1930's and Walt Disney took the wholesome image of his company seriously. Disney hired the artists behind the scantily clad '30s cartoon, Betty Boop. Betty Boop was primarily known for her seductive image, which was a major hit because few people had experience seeing animating human figures at the time. Snow White Bobby Livingstone, an art expert explained:

This is the earliest Snow White cel that we are aware of...Walt Disney hired the artists who did Betty Boop and their early version of Snow White resembled Betty Boop, such as the way she held her skirt up.

This was not the image Disney wanted for Snow White and he killed this version. He thought Snow White ought to be wholesome and rooted in innocence rather than be sexy

In response Disney made Snow White look less flattering. In fact, the artist dressed Snow White in a depressing peasant dress and got rid of her big lips and eyelashes.

The celluloid image of the original Snow White is the last surviving remnant of her existence, and it sold at an auction two years ago for $15,000.

Via The Mirror

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