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One Piece Reveals the Return of Old Favorites: A Hint of Reunion Teased by Eiichiro Oda


Key takeaways:

– The broadcast of Dr. Vegapunk's message in One Piece reveals significant details about the World , Ancient Weapons, Joy Boy, and the bearers of the Will of D.
– This event also prompts reactions from previously forgotten characters, including the Krieg Pirates.
– The three surviving members of the Krieg Pirates include their captain, Krieg, and officers Gin and Pearl; Sanji had a notable with these characters in his initial arcs.
– Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, hints at a possible reunion of these characters, which would only be plausible if they have allied with the Blackbeard Pirates.


The announcement of Dr. Vegapunk's message in the globally loved manga, One Piece, has stirred considerable excitement amongst fans. The message unveiled crucial secrets of the One Piece world, not the least of which pertain to the World Government, the Ancient Weapons, and the intriguing phenomenon of the Will of D. As the shift in narrative unfurls, a is directed towards familiar, previously forgotten characters, rekindling the nostalgia of long-time One Piece enthusiasts.

The Resurgence of the Krieg Pirates

Among the old characters emerging from their narrative slumber are the Krieg Pirates – some of formidable adversaries of the Straw Hat Pirates. The battle against the Krieg Pirates in the Baratie arc marked a pivotal phase in the growth of the ' beloved , Vinsmoke Sanji.

The battle-hardened members of the Krieg Pirates – the captain Krieg, the competent combat commander, Gin, and the sturdy second unit commander, Pearl – tested the mettle and endurance of Sanji. This trio gave our favorite cook a hard fight, forcing him to evolve amidst adversity and whip up a delectable blend of courage, skill, and strategy.

The Evolution of Sanji

Sanji's introduction as a cook working for Baratie's owner, Zeff, during the Baratie arc was a crucial moment in the series. Recognizing Sanji's potential, Luffy wanted him for his . And indeed, Sanji didn't disappoint. His clashes against Gin and Pearl were testaments to his strength and tenacity, despite being cornered and fatigued.

Sanji has come a long way since then, having established himself as one of the strongest characters in One Piece and proving his strength against formidable foes.

The Possible Reunion

Eiichiro Oda, the master storyteller behind One Piece, strongly hints at a reunion between Sanji and the Krieg Pirates. This is based on a recent panel focusing on Krieg, Gin, and Pearl's responses to Vegapunk's message. Krieg and Gin appear to have altered quite significantly since their last encounter with Sanji. Both sport long , and Gin now wields a sword, suggesting a shift in battle tactic.

This speculation about a reunion was galvanized when it was hinted that these characters may have joined the Blackbeard Pirates fleet and could be part of the final One Piece showdown. This has sent of excitement among fans, eager to see what role these revived characters will play.


The return of the Krieg Pirates, particularly their captain Krieg and officers Gin and Pearl, has led to surges of anticipation among One Piece fans. Although it remains uncertain whether these returning characters will have a significant role moving forward, their possible involvement serves to tease what could unfold in the future chapters.

For now, as we hang tight and anticipate the developments of this widely admired manga, we can only hope that the unfolding narrative continues to satiate our hunger for exhilarating battles, deep , and heartwarming reunions. You can continue following the One Piece journey at Viz Media.

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