Olympic Fans Injured After TV Camera Falls [VIDEO]

Several Olympic fans were injured after a TV cameras crashes from 60 feet above.

Seven people were injured on Monday when a television camera falls more than 60 feet to the ground in the Olympic park stadium outside of the basketball venue. According to NBC News, the large camera is one of several suspended cameras held by cables in order to provide aerial coverage of the main Olympic Park. According to reports, the Olympic Broadcasting Service issued a statement saying that two guide cables on its cameras snapped, causing it to fall. One Olympics fan saw the incident and told NBC News what happened:

"It looked like a flying saucer coming through the air when it hit these two women," Adams said. "This thing is big, and it shot through the air. It came down at such a speed that they wouldn't see it. They weren't expecting it."

"There was quite a lot of screaming and a bit of commotion," Adams said. "People were running to the situation to make sure these two ladies were OK."

The seriousness of the accident has not been released. However, several women were quickly taken away on stretchers. With so many people and the entire world focusing on one small part of the world, things are bound to go wrong. But, this accident is just one of several incidents affecting the reputation of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. According to NBC News, an Olympic security officer was shot and killed after taking a wrong turn into a Rio de Janeiro slum. In addition, just a few days ago several American swimmers including Ryan Lochte were robbed. Via NBC News Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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