Ohio Film Commissions Are Now Seeking Bigger Film Tax Credits

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The Ohio film commission is pushing for film production incentives.

Georgia’s film industry may face new competition. The Ohio film commissions are now seeking more significant film production film incentives.

According to reports, the film commissions of Cleveland and Cincinnati are asking Ohio to increase the annual amount of tax incentives to boost the state’s film industry with more film productions filming in Ohio.

Ivan Schwarz, head of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission and Kristen Schlotman, leader of Film Cincinnati, said they want to raise the cap from $40 million to $100 million a year, according to reports.

Schwarz wants to see the film credit expand to Ohio productions of Broadway shows as the current film incentives only apply to film and television productions. State Sen. Kurt Schuring, a Republican and supporter of the film incentives, said he plans to introduce an amendment to include theatrical work. The film credit would apply to productions and performances of shows heading to Broadway, coming from Broadway, or shows going on national tours.

An economic study by Cleveland State University showed that every $1 in film incentives added $2.01 to the state’s economy.

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The Greater Cleveland Film Commission has helped bring movies such as The Avengers, White Boy Rick, and My Friend Dahmer. Filmmakers spent approximately $90 million in Cleveland last year and hired more than 50,000 people, Schwarz said.

Schuring added he wants to give priority to productions that help the state’s economy. Ohio currently accepts the first qualified applicants until the cap is reached, which happened in the first two weeks of the fiscal year.

It will be a while before we know if Ohio will increase their film incentives as a proposal to raise the cap until Republican Gov. Mike DeWine reveals a budget for 2019.

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