Entertainment NewsNosferatu Trailer Set to Premiere, Exclusively Tied With The Bikeriders

Nosferatu Trailer Set to Premiere, Exclusively Tied With The Bikeriders


Key Takeaways:
– Robert Eggers' Nosferatu remake to hit theatres on December 25 this year.

– Exclusive trailer of Nosferatu available in theatres for viewing this weekend when you watch The Bikeriders.

– Featuring a star-studded , the tells a gothic tale of a from Transylvania and a haunted young woman.

– Bill Skarsgard, signifying his role as Nosferatu, has admitted his character's outfitting was like embodying pure evil.

Alright, folks! If you're as thrilled by classic stories as I am, then you've got an exciting update to look forward to.
The noted writer and director, Robert Eggers, known for stunning works like ‘The Witch', ‘The Lighthouse', and ‘The Northman,' is working his magic on a remake of F.W. Murnau's 1922 silent classic ‘Nosferatu.' Guess what? It's all set to send chills down our spine on Christmas day, December 25.

Exclusive Trailer Preview

Now, if your curiosity is already piqued about the trailer, you're in luck. This weekend, all you need to do is head out to the theatres to catch ‘The Bikeriders.' Not just for the gripping plotline of the film but also to exclusively preview the ‘Nosferatu' trailer, which is showcased during the movie.

Digging into the Original Nosferatu

For those of you not familiar with ‘Nosferatu,' here's a brief snapshot: It's an unofficial adaptation of Bram Stoker's famous novel ‘.' In this nerve-wracking silent horror film, the eerie Count Orlok, played by Max Schreck, lures Thomas Hutter (Gustav von Wangenheim) to his secluded Transylvanian castle. As Orlok unveils his vampire nature, Hutter's struggle to escape the castle begins, fearing his wife 's safety.

What to Expect from Eggers' Nosferatu

In Eggers' spin on ‘Nosferatu,' expect a captivating gothic tale set in 19th century Germany. An ancient vampire from Transylvania stalks a haunted young lady, wreaking unprecedented horror.

The film parades a star-studded cast, including Bill Skarsgard from ‘It' as Nosferatu. The brilliant actor has revealed that this role was like “conjuring pure evil”, so much so that it took some time for him to shake off the evil aura.

The unyielding Willem Dafoe from ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home' graces us as the maddened vampire hunter Von Franz, while from ‘The Idol' plays Ellen Hutter. from ‘Renfield' portrays her husband Thomas, formerly a role Skarsgard was set to portray.

And guess who's joining as Thomas's friend Friedrich Harding? of ‘Bullet Train'. Emma Corrin from ‘The Crown' is in as Friedrich's wife Anna.

The ever-mysterious Dr. Wilhelm Sievers, Von Franz's cohort, is brought to life by Ralph Ineson from ‘The Witch'. Simon McBurney from ‘′ remains under wraps, keeping us guessing about his role.

So, are you looking forward to a Christmas filled with gothic horror in Eggers' reimagination of ‘Nosferatu'? Planning to watch the trailer this weekend while enjoying ‘The Bikeriders'? Share your excitement and thoughts in the comments below.

End your day on a thrilling note and keep your love for classic horror alive with Eggers' ‘Nosferatu'!

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