Norman Reedus Thinks Andrew Lincoln Would Be The First to Die in a Real Zombie Apocalypse

'The Walking Dead' cast reveals which cast member would die first in a real zombie apocalypse.

Everyone that watches 'The Walking Dead' has a favorite character. Even the cast of 'The Walking Dead' can relate to a particular person on screen. In this behind-the-scenes EW segment, EW asks which actor would be the first to die in a real zombie apocalypse. Surprisingly, the most bad-ass characters on 'The Walking Dead' think each other would be the first to go. Andrew Lincoln thinks Norman Reedus would die because he pays too much attention to his hair, and Reedus thinks Lincoln would die because he doesn't even know how to use an iPhone. Meanwhile, Steven Yeun thinks Michael Cudlitz would die first, but tries to walk back his comments when he realizes that Cudlitz could probably kill him in real life. It seems like working on 'The Walking Dead' is an amazing time. Check out the video below: The Walking Dead is now filming outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Check out the latest casting calls for Season 6 of 'The Walking Dead' here.

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