Marvel's New 'Spider-Man' Reveals Plot, Director and Its Writer

Marvel's new 'Spider-Man' movie has found their writer and director.

The best way to figure out what a movie will turn out like is by finding out who the director and writer is for the movie. According to the Latino Review, Drew Goddard will write and direct the upcoming reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. Curently, the series is titled the SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN after the comic series of the same name.  Allegedly, it will contain three films and will be released over three consecutive summers. According to Latino Review, here is what we should expect in the upcoming Spectacular Spider-Man.
Key things to look for in the new series No new origin story, Spidey exists from the beginning, taken as a given
New actor, probably an unknown, he will be specifically based in High School and they want him to be able to grow up into the role.  The thought being if this works, Spidey can do multiple trilogies for years ala Harry Potter.
A major part of the first film will involve Spider- Man fighting Iron Man and then trying to pass the “audition” to join the Avengers
The first film will involved the Sinister Six coming together with the thought to later maybe spin them off.
Goddard was attached to the spin-off Sinister Six feature film, but he is now going to direct the new Spider-Man reboot. Sony and Marvel Studios are taking full advantage of their new partnership by involving Iron Man and The Avengers in the first film. It is very possible that we'll see Spider-Man first in the upcoming Georgia filmed production, Captain America: Civil War, but a timeline for the new franchise has not been revealed. Drew Goddard last directed the 2012 hit movie The Cabin in the Woods and he is also credited for writing Cloverfield, World War Z, Lost, and the new Daredevil Netflix series. What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.