How To Know If Someone Likes You on Snapchat

Snapchat features to use to find out if your crush likes you.

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing apps in the world. The social media app is known for their filters but, one feature may let you know if your crush really likes you. A 2015 study of adult social media users examined participants' motives for using certain social media platforms. The results revealed that Snapchat is used more for finding new "love interests" and flirting, while Facebook is sued for keeping in touch with old friends. As Mashable points out, Snapchat allows you to see who and when someone watches one of your Snapchat videos. And that can easily give you hints to see if someone is into you. From Mashable:
"More than merely looking at your profile, Snapchat lets you see how many photos and how many times that person viewed you, letting you see just how much others like what they see," House told Mashable. "Not sure if someone in real life notices you? You might not be aware of their in-person side glances and sly looks. But on Snapchat, there's no hiding. Regardless of whether or not someone clicks 'like,' you know that they have looked," House continued.
This feature allows you to consistently check to see if people had viewed your Snapchat Story - particularly those people you want to see you. Snapchat can also reveal details about your ex's current feelings for you. And while, Snapchat doesn't allow you to replay Snaps sent to you directly, it does allow users to replay Snapchat Stories. Consequently, when your Story gets replayed, you can see who's re-watching, and how many times. The future is here and if you're not sharing stories on Snapchat, you are falling behind. Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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