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Netflix’s “Trigger Warning” Fails to Ignite Excitement–A Review

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Key Takeaways:

• “Trigger Warning”, Jessica Alba's latest Netflix , falls flat despite impressive action sequences.
• The film's plot lacks depth and logic, leaving unimpressed.
• The production seems mediocre in terms of set design, score, and cinematography.
• Jessica Alba, despite a strong performance, does not overcome the film's overall shortcomings.

Jessica Alba makes a comeback to the big screen after a brief hiatus with the Netflix flick “Trigger Warning.” However, the hype falls short when it comes to the film delivering an engaging thriller.

The Plot

Jessica Alba shines as Parker, a Special Forces commando who gets recalled from her overseas mission following her father's sudden demise. This twist of events elevates her to the owner of the bar. Reconnecting with her old-time boyfriend and now sheriff, Jesse, she revives her ties with Jesse's volatile brother Elvis and their strong-willed father, Senator Swann. But when she begins digging into her father's , she uncovers shocking secrets that set off a thrilling, action-packed spree.

The Review

“Trigger Warning” marks Alba's return to the big screen after five long years. Despite the noticeable hiatus, Alba's performance leaves no stone unturned. She dives into the role of Parker, battling villains and uncovering dark secrets, creating a realm of high-octane action sequences and suspenseful moments. However, this is where “Trigger Warning” starts faltering.

The film fails to deliver a compelling narrative, with complex characters reduced to underdeveloped cliches and a plot that goes from intriguing to dull in a snap. The promise of an action flick resembling the excitement of “John Wick” devolves into a lackluster thriller, disappointing hardcore action fans.

Scarce marketing for the movie might have clued viewers to the film's mediocre quality. Plus, critics gained access to screen the film less than a day before the Netflix launch. These signs pointed towards the lackluster excitement that the movie generated.

Despite Jessica Alba's commendable performance, historical feats in “Machete” and “Machete Kills,” her action scenes in “Trigger Warning” seem repetitive and underwhelming after a point. What could have been an edge-of-the-seat thriller succumbs to predictability and monotonous plotting.

At its core, “Trigger Warning” tries to a Latinx character standing firm against a conservative antagonist. But the political undertones are lost in an array of convoluted plot twists and turns that barely make sense and end at an unsatiated conclusion.

A Peek Behind the Scenes

John Brancato (“ 3”, “Terminator Salvation”) partnered with Josh Olson (“A History of Violence”) and Halley Wegryn Gross (“: Part II, ”) to bring “Trigger Warning” to life. Directed by Mouly Surya, the movie was an attempt to introduce an unexpected element to the action genre. Unfortunately, the project falls short, leaving audiences underwhelmed and struggling to enjoy the journey.

The production aspects of set design, score, and cinematography do not enhance the viewing experience. The set design is somewhat better than average, but the overblown score and shaky camera fail to engross viewers.

The Verdict

“Trigger Warning” barely stands out amidst Netflix's other exciting offerings. Despite having a promising premise and a talented cast led by none other than Jessica Alba, the movie emerges as an ordinary watch. It's suitable to watch if you fancy action sequences and aren't bothered by a hazy plotline.

The film might have set out to be a thrilling adventure, marking a grand return for Jessica Alba. But with its unclear narrative and unimaginative cinematography, “Trigger Warning” ends up as just another average Netflix film. Unless you're devotedly following Alba's career or appreciate violent revenge dramas, it would be wise to skip this one.



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