Netflix Survey Shows People Like to Binge-Watch TV Nowadays

Binge-watching TV shows is now the new norm, according to Netflix.

Binge-watching TV shows are no longer the way of the future, instead it is the way millions of people watch TV. Netflix has recently demonstrated with statistics that examine how people watch TV. Netflix's survey indicates that the majority of people define it as 'watching between 2 to 6 episodes of the same TV show in one sitting." 73% of people surveyed say that's what qualifies as binge-watching, and 61% of the people in the survey say they binge watch television regularly. Furthermore, 73% of people surveyed admitted they have positive feelings about binge-watching streaming TV content. Netflix, surveyed people in the United States in late November (2013). Of the 3,078 adults 18 and older, of whom 1,496 stream TV shows at least once a week. Here's a summary of the survey:
• Binge watching isn't an emerging trend or behavior: it's mainstream and the new normal. 61% binge watch regularly. (2-3 episodes of a single TV series in one setting). • 73% viewed binge watching as positive. • Dispelling conventional wisdom--binge watching is actually moderate behavior (avg of 2.3 episodes/sitting). And it's consistent across demographics—though 18-34 binge watches slightly more. • Viewers see binge watching as engaging and immersive, and TV improving in quality--2/3 say there is simply too much good TV to watch. Quite the evolution from a few decades ago when the then FCC Chairman called TV "A vast wasteland". • 76% of TV streamers said watching several episodes at a time as a welcome refuge from the busy world we live in. • In a highly fragmented 140 character 24/7 world, viewers are seeking out longer form, complex storytelling. • The experience is better: 79% say binge watching makes the actual show better.
You can understand why Netflix was excited to share this data, as it supports the service's method of offering unlimited streaming content to their subscribers, as well as their choice to deliver a full season at a time for their own programs, allowing viewers full control over how they watch their shows. Statistics have demonstrated that people like having the full season up front.
"Our viewing data shows that the majority of streamers would actually prefer to have a whole season of a show available to watch at their own pace. Netflix has pioneered audience choice in programming and has helped free consumers from the limitations of linear television. Our own original series are created for multi-episodic viewing, lining up the content with new norms of viewer control for the first time." - Ted Sarandos
Thus, it is not surprising that people would rather watch Netflix's season-at-a-time approach giving each person the chance to decide how they want to watch, whether they want to watch numerous episodes at a time, or a slower approach.

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