"Flixtape" - Netflix Launches New Playlist Feature

Netflix launches new playlist feature called Flixtape.

Your nighttime binge watching is about to get even better. The streaming giant, Netflix, has incorporated a new feature that will soon go by the name of "Flixtape." The new feature will allow viewers to collect some of their favorite movies and TV shows into lists with creative nick names. For example, "The Family Reunion Flixtape", “The Kiss and Tell Flixtape,” and “The Summertimes Flixtape” are already living on its site. Netflix also includes a brief tutorial for those new to the Netflix feature. Participants can also customize the cover of their Flixtapes, as well as share them on social media and even dedicate them to someone directly. Flixtape will not allow you to watch each minute of the playlists created, but will provide viewers with previews of those TV shows and movies listed in the Flixtape. Start creating your personalized Flixtape here and let us know your thoughts on the new feature in the comments. Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.