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Netflix’s “Don’t Move”: Everything We Know So Far


Key Takeaways:
– Netflix acquires worldwide rights for film “Don't Move”.
– The film stars Kelsey Asbille from the Yellowstone .
– Sam Raimi, known for his horror creations, produces the movie.
Adam Schindler and Brian Netto direct the film.
– Kelsey Asbille is joined in the cast by Finn Wittrock.

Unveiling “Don't Move”

Back in September, the first glimpse of “Don't Move” was unveiled. However, for now, the sneak peek provides little information other than the film's star, Kelsey Asbille. Anticipation is in the air for more updates on this mysterious horror flick. With Netflix holding the reins of distribution, hopes are high for a release date announcement soon.

The Behind the Narrative

Directed by Adam Schindler and Brian Netto with T.J. Cimfel and David White penning the screenplay, the direction is secure. The film delves into a tale following a seasoned killer targeting a grief-stricken woman. Injected with a paralytic , the woman's fight for survival begins before her body succumbs entirely to the effects of the drug.

The Collaborative Effort

Produced under the banners of Raimi Productions, Hammerstone Studios, and Capstone Studios, “Don't Move” is set to be a genre-altering endeavor. Zainab Azizi and Hammerstone's Alex Lebovici hold additional producing credits, alongside executive Schindler, Netto, David Haring, and others. Funding for the film hailed from Hammerstone and Capstone.

An Intense Line-up

The casting line-up sees star Finn Wittrock, celebrated for his performance in American Horror Story, join Asbille. With a promising roster of , the film is set to be an intense experience.

What to Expect

Schindler and Netto have expressed their ambition for “Don't Move” to be an “absolute white-knuckle ride of a film”. Lebovici, known for last year's horror hit Barbarian, assures to expect a “visceral, pulse-racing story”. Raimi chimed in, describing the movie as a compelling and twisted tale, promising a “fantastic horror punch” to the .

Final Take

As anticipation builds for “Don't Move”, it's clear that this film, boasting an interesting premise and a talented crew and cast, is sure to be a new horror staple for the streaming service. With its worldwide rights secure in Netflix's grip, audience expectations are ramping up for the film's release date revelation.

We're eager to hear your thoughts. Are you excited to see Netflix's latest acquisition, “Don't Move”? Feel free to share your perspectives in the comments section.



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