Entertainment NewsNetflix Breaks Ground with New Entertainment Venues, Netflix House

Netflix Breaks Ground with New Entertainment Venues, Netflix House


Key Takeaways:

– Netflix announces “Netflix House”, two permanent entertainment venues set to in 2025.
– Malls are set to these venues, namely former Galleria and King of Prussia Mall, with each offering over 100,000 square feet of entertainment space.
– Netflix House will feature shopping outlets, eateries, and experiential activities that align with popular Netflix shows and franchises.

Hold on to your socks, folks! Guess what? Netflix is trying out something super cool. They're on to a new adventure that's sure to knock your socks off.

Meet the Netflix House

Big news, Netflix lovers. Netflix is breathing life into your favorite shows in a spectacular way. They're launching “Netflix House” – two grand, permanent entertainment venues! And the best part? two are all set to open in 2025 in Dallas, Texas, and Prussia, Pennsylvania. Cool, huh? The former Galleria Dallas and King of Prussia Mall are set to become entertainment hotspots. These aren't just your boring old buildings. We're talking about over 100,000 square feet of endless Netflix-themed fun.

What's Inside Netflix House?

You bet it's going to be a full-on Netflix experience like never before. Inside each Netflix House, you're going to find shopping outlets and places to eat. Also, awesome activities from your favorite Netflix shows like Bridgerton, Money Heist, Stranger Things, and Squid Game. Picture this. You could go shopping carrying your tote bag with “The Professor” written on it, have lunch at an 80s-style diner straight out of Stranger Things, and later try your luck in a Squid Game challenge. How fun is that?

Netflix's chief officer, Marian Lee, assures that each venue will offer immersive experiences, retail therapy, and yummy food and drinks straight from your favorite Netflix shows. They've already pulled off over 50 successful experiences in 25 cities. So, you can bet they're going all out with the Netflix House.

Crazy Fun Beyond the Mall

The Netflix fun doesn't stop indoors. Oh no! The party continues outside where more events and funky decorations bring you closer to your cherished Netflix characters. Walk around an outdoor Bridgerton set, play a game of Reindeer Hide-and-Seek, or uncover the secrets of the Upside Down from Stranger Things.

Interactive Experiences Like No Other

Sounds exciting, right? You could be waltzing to a sweet tune with your loved one on a Bridgerton set replica one minute, and then take part in a hardcore Squid Game challenge the next. The possibilities are endless at the Netflix House.

Top it off with a hearty meal at any of the restaurants inspired by Netflix shows from around the globe. Fancy some merchandise? How about a Hellfire T-shirt from Stranger Things? You can find all these at the Netflix House.

We believe the Netflix House could change the way we experience TV shows and movies. It's more than just a venue. It's an adventure! We can't help but ask, which Netflix show are you hoping to see come alive at the Netflix House?
Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned to find out more about this exciting !

Note: Netflix House is still in the works, so make sure to follow updates on the official Netflix channels. Stay excited, fellow Netflix fans!

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