Entertainment NewsHow NBC Created and Adds Those 'Blindspot' Tattoos

How NBC Created and Adds Those ‘Blindspot’ Tattoos


Here's what it takes to create and add all those  .

NBC's Blindspot has quickly become one of the most watched TV shows on TV. In fact, the has recevied pretty high from critics. Currently, on Rotten Tomatoes Blindspot has a ratting of 66% calling the website “an intriguing mystery and enough strong action to propel most viewers into a necessary suspense of disbelief.” In addition, the series premiere had nearly 11 million viewers.

But, what does it take to add all of those Blindspot tattoos on Jane Doe played by Jaime Alexander. Well, according to a report by the NYPost, it takes a lot of .

Blindspot, whose entire premise depends on a make-up artist's drawings, the key task and designing and applying all of those tattoos on Jane's body lies in the hands of special effects wizards Tinsley Studio.

Tinsley Studio previously worked on major movies and TV shows such as Sons of Anarchy, and American Story. But, according to Tinsley Studio, this is one of the most challenging yet because of the tattoos' central role in the plot and premise of Blindspot. 

“[This show] is different because [the designs] are clues that lead to something … It's a character in itself, the tattoos,” says Robin Hatcher, production supervisor/coordinator for Tinsley Studio.

NBC Blindspot
NBC Blindspot

Before ever filming the for NBC's Blindspot, the producers came up with the idea of hundreds of tattoos across her body.

“We went on to research conspiracies, American , various symbols, and put a bunch of compilations together,” Hatcher says. “They didn't know what clues [they wanted] or where the storyline was [going], so it was about creating different things that they could use or hide very specific images in [as scripts are written].” [NYPost]

Then comes the hard part – applying all of those tattoos on the actress. It takes a team of three nearly 8 hours to apply Alexander's full-body tattoos, or one to two hours for her daily look on NBC's Blindspot.

Though Blindspot tattoos are applied much like temporary tattoos you would find in a vending machine, Tinsley uses professional-quality ink or UV cosmetic paint for invisible tattoos and medical grade adhesive to make sure those tattoos last for long shooting days. All in all, the tattoos can last for up to three days. In fact, “Sometimes if they're doing a full-body look, Jaimie will actually go home and sleep in the tattoos so that they don't have to be reapplied the next day,” Hatcher says.

What do you think of NBC's Blindspot? Do you think you can sit still in a chair for 8 hours while people put fake tattoos on you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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