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Mr. Bean Invades Streaming: A New Channel Dedicated to the Comedy Icon

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Main Points:

– Banijay Rights announces a Mr. Bean dedicated channel to launch across 29 territories.
– The channel will be available on Samsung TV Plus, LG, Plex, Rakuten TV, and TCL.
– Mr Bean: The Animated Series will prominently, with a fourth 52-episode season set to run.
– Rowan Atikinson, the creator of Mr. Bean, enjoys portraying the character in an animated format.

We're in the age where everything now streams. Internet TV apps like PlutoTV, Plex, and TubiTV simulate good old fashion TV by airing shows at specific times. But, unlike traditional cable, these services are entirely free. The kicker? You have to sit through a ton of ads, just like in the old days. A lot of our smart TVs also come with their own list of streaming channels which often specialize in one specific topic.

News Flash on the Streaming Scene

Now, according to , distributor Banijay Rights is about to introduce a channel totally dedicated to Mr. Bean. Remember him? That hilariously quiet character that British actor Rowan Atkinson brought to with physical humor. Mr. Bean, wearing his trademark tie outfit, has now attained an exclusive channel. Superfans, rejoice!

Planned Availability

The new Mr. Bean Channel will be available to across 29 territories. If you've got Samsung TV Plus, LG, Plex, Rakuten TV, or TCL, you're in luck because the channel will be available on these platforms.

Content Overview

This new channel will primarily feature episodes of Mr Bean: The Animated Series. This animated show is made by Banijay's Tiger Aspect & Family. Fans of the show have a bonus coming their way: a new season has been commissioned with a packed 52 episodes. This happens alongside great struck with and ITVX.

Behind the Scene Chatter

Shaun Keeble, a top dog at Banijay Rights, expressed his excitement about this venture. He stated how thrilled they were to extend Mr. Bean's global popularity to the free ad-supported streaming (FAST) scene. They aim to broaden the animated series' reach even more.

Rowan Atkinson's Preference

Interestingly, Rowan Atkinson, the genius behind Mr. Bean, has shared that he prefers playing the character in animated form. According to him, giving voice to the character is less stressful than playing him . He feels a hefty weight of responsibility while performing this iconic role, and the animated format allows him to enjoy the character more.

In Conclusion

In a nutshell, if you're a Mr. Bean fan, get ready to indulge in a non-stop feast of his antics. This won't just be a treat for old fans but will also introduce newer generations to the timeless comedy of Mr. Bean. So, keep your popcorn handy, folks! The unique mix of humor, mischief, and wit from the world of Mr. Bean is coming straight to our living rooms!

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And that's all the latest news from the world of streaming! Stay plugged in with us for more updates. Post your comments and let us know what you think about the new Mr. Bean channel. Don't forget to share with fellow Bean fans. Happy streaming!



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