'Morbius' Bombs in the Box Office with Theatrical Re-release

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'Morbius' Made Only $300K This Weekend in Another Box Office Bomb 'Theatrical Re-release.'

Sony's Morbius received a re-release in movie theaters this weekend, barely surpassing a 19 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The internet began to post memes about the film shortly after its debut, and Sony decided to release it one more time to see whether it would translate into a more significant box office success.

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The return of Morbius did not meet the studio's expectations. The re-release was a disaster, and it pulled in dismal results. This weekend, Morbius returned to 1,037 theaters. According to Forbes, critics and audiences alike gave the film terrible reviews; with only USD 85,000 in ticket sales on Friday, it returned to theaters. In other words, each domestic theater made about $270 for the film. They didn't appear to get how meme culture functions and tried to take advantage of the online fad inspired by the film.

By the end of the weekend, Morbius had grossed a total of USD 300,000, which meant he was making just USD 289 per theater. To put it another way, the second weekend of Top Gun: Maverick brought in $86 million for a total of $292 million domestically and $548 million worldwide.

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 To build up interest in Morbius, Leto wrote on Instagram sharing what appears to be the screenplay for the sequel. It remains to be seen whether there will be a Morbius 2.'

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