Mom Allegedly Duct-Taped Kids to Chairs and Watch "Mommy Dearest"

Mom tries to allegedly brainwash and torture her kids by duct-taping them to chairs and watching the horror movie "Mommy Dearest".

Stanley Kubrick's movie Clockwork Orange will probably go down in history as one of the most visually striking movies in history. The 1970s crime film, which was based on the Anthony Burgess 1962 novels, focuses on the dystopian future of psychology, crime, and politics. In one scene, the main character is forced to go through the "Ludovico technique", a fictional psychological therapy in which it forces a patient to watch violent images for long periods of time while under the influence of a fear-inducing drug. The goal of the therapy was to condition the patient to experience severe nausea when experiencing or thinking about violence, therefore creating an aversion to violent behavior. Clockwork Orange Clockwork Orange Well, apparently a mother must have watched Clockwork Orange as she strapped her children down and forced them to watch the Joan Crawford movie, Mommy Dearest.  According to reports, the woman allegedly made the boys watch the film while duct-taped into their chairs. Mary Lucas, 28, admitted to Nebraska City police that she made her two boys, ages 4 and 7, watch "Hollywood's perfect representation of a mean mother," and because her own mother made her watch it at age 4. Luclas claimed that she was not home when her boyfriend, Oliver "duct taped the boys to the chairs and made them watch" the 1980s movie about the movie star Joan Crawford's callous and abusive upbringing of her adopted daughter Christina. She did acknowledge, however, telling her boyfriend that "the kids were to watch" the drama. According to the arrest report, Lucas didn't care when a friend texted her to report that the boys had been duct-taped. Her response at the time was, "It's just a misunderstanding. I will take care of it when I get home." Police learned of the incident after a witness found photos of the boys “bound by silver gray duct tape around the mouth, wrist, chest, ankles, and head,” according to court records. Additionally, the children “were restrained to chairs by the duct tape.” When the police asked her boyfriend, Oliver, he claimed that he was “playing with the boys and he duct taped them to the chairs.” He later admitted to taping the children “because he was tired and frustrated” because they were restless and not paying attention to “Mommie Dearest.” So, investigators noted, he bound them “so they could not move and would have to watch the movie.” Oliver, who was charged in the past with child abuse and false imprisonment, is locked up in jail. Lucas was booked into the same facility, where she is being held in lieu of $10,000 bond.