Modeling Agencies Reveal The Most Popular Facial Features

The fashion industry is changing and fashion designers are looking for big noses, freckles and crooked teeth - meet the new era of uniqueness in modeling.

Related: Disney’s Face Director Let’s Directors Change Facial Expression Post Production You would automatically assume that breast implants and liposuction were among the most popular plastic surgery requests made by aspiring models. But, according to one New York plastic surgeon, models are now asking for larger noses in order to stand out from their competition. According to a report by NY Post, aspiring models are looking for larger noses because it makes "her look more interesting, more attractive.” From NYPost:
Clearly, we’ve come a long way from the days when Gisele was told she had too big of a nose to be a model. The shift dovetails with a growing acceptance of bumpy bridges and broad tips. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports the number of nose jobs has dropped 44 percent since 2000.
So why are talent agencies and fashion companies looking for larger noses? Well, according to the report, designers like to have to have their own brand identity and millennials are celebrating "uniqueness and self expression." As NYPost points out, "companies like Gucci aren’t just showcasing prominent noses — they’re also using models with freckles, crooked teeth and other distinctive traits." Related: Study Discovers Facial Features Casting Directors Like the Most This level of individuality has led casting directors and fashion designers to find new talent on social media.
Social media, displaying a multiplicity of “real” looks, also plays a role. These days, casting directors and fashion brands are more likely to scout “fresh faces” on Instagram rather than on the street. Diesel and Marc Jacobs started selfie-casting for campaigns a few years ago — the latter using the #castmemarc hashtag.
Nowadays, it's all about standing out and looking different from the competition. Via NYPost What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.