Model Wears Waist Training Corset for 23 Hours a Day

Model wears waist training corset for 23 hours a day! Should you wear one too?

The latest trend in fashion, makeup and even fitness is the modern day corset. The corset aka 'waist training' wraps are so popular even Kim Kardashian is wearing them. rsz_kim-kardashian-crazy-waist-training-regimen But, meet the model who wears a corset 23 hours a day to achieve a 20 in waist. According to reports, diet and exercise were not helping Aleira Avendaño achieve the look she wanted. Not even surgery could help. She had surgery on her nose, mouth, butt and several breast augmentations. But, now she wears a corset that makes her waist a mere 20 inches by wearing it 23 hours a day. “I wash myself and rest for an hour and then I put it on again,” she tells Barcroft TV in the video above. “At first, it was terrible, then I got used to it, and the belt became a necessity.” Doctors have warned her that her corset addiction could kill her but she doesn't plan on getting rid of her "second skin" any time soon. “This is the best thing that has happened to me,” she told Barcroft, saying one of her ambitions is “to be very well known for the shape of my body.”
But, do "waist training" corsets even work? Not really. Life and Style writer, Rachel Quigley recently tried wearing the corset and had miserable results.
Speaking to the instructor Matty Maggiacomo about the corset afterwards, he told me, “It's a quick fix in the same way limiting water intake for two days is a 'quick fix' to look slim. Though, it is in no way a healthy one. “The lungs should expand to their fullest during cardio, especially during an intense workout like Barry's. My advice is simple: If you want a slim waist and six-pack abs, stick to a diverse exercise regimen and eat well."
However, it appeared to work. In her article she explains that she lost inches off her waist and received a ton of compliments. But, results like that can spark an unhealthy addiction similar to model Aleira Avendaño. Do you wear "waist training" corsets? Do you plan on wearing a "waist training" corset? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!
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