Model Facing Death Penalty for Smuggling Cocaine in Her Laptop

Model who has her own TV show is currently facing the death penalty in China for carrying drugs "inside her laptop."

According to Daily Mail, Juliana Lopez is facing the death penalty after she was caught with a plastic bag full of drugs hidden inside her laptop. Lopez's career was skyrocketing. She had her own TV show, owned a popular boutique store, and she is professional soccer player. The model traveled to China in order to buy items for her boutique store. Her family was unable to get in contact with her for several days, her family called the Colombian embassy and discovered that she was arrested for drug smuggling. From Daily Mail:
Chinese officials confirmed to the family she had been arrested for drug smuggling. It was not specified what kind of narcotics were inside her laptop but police say they found a large quantity of a banned substance. Carrying drugs in China is not only banned, but can carry the death penalty and relatives and friends are now desperately trying to collect money to get top lawyers and a team sent over to defend Lopez. They also want family and friends to travel over to support her.
According to the newspaper El Tiempo, the Colombian Foreign Ministry has provided legal assistance and support to Lopez and her family through her mother, Nubia Sarrazola. Sexy Colombian Model Faces Death Penalty In China A spokesman for the ministry said: 'We work to ensure the preservation of the rights of private individuals and the right to a proper defence and the presumption of innocence, as well as respect for due process and the preservation of her personal integrity and her health.' But the Chinese police investigation could take between six months and two years and the amount of contact the model will be allowed with her family is likely to be limited.

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