How Model Agencies Are Embracing Technology

More modeling agencies are embracing technology to land more modeling jobs for their models.

Have you ever wondered how models are chosen for fashion week?

Every season, weeks before shows begin, agencies send out a pack of cards showing their roster of models to casting directors and major clients. This serves not only as advertising for both the models and the agencies, the comp cards tell casting directors height and measurement information. Debby Wong / Debby Wong / Model agency are using more and more technology in order to promote their models. According to a new report by Vogue, modeling agencies are using social media, filmmaking, and creativity to market their models.
With visual tools like Vine and Instagram increasingly becoming the primary way models are introduced to the general public and booking now moving online, a still image isn’t necessarily going to cut it. This season, New York Model Management is at the forefront of the “cinematic” show package, releasing a short film to accompany the traditional cards. Directed by Kloss Films’s Alec Maxwell, the tongue-in-cheek clip features models likeSarah Brannon, Olga Sherer, and Sanne Vloet playing the role of agents. According to agency director Cory Bautista, the choice to include video was motivated by a desire to tap into the zeitgeist (and highlight the launch of their new website). “I felt that in this digital age, viewers and clients are looking for visual stimulus,” says Bautista. “Whether it be a quirky character or simply the different shades of a model’s hair, [videos] can make a significant difference for any viewer who can’t meet the model in person.” Plus, you get an idea of whether they can move, if they have a sense of humor, and how they actually look outside of a stylized image.
New York Fashion Week is still a few weeks away, but the New York Management is making their clients stand out with gifs, images, headshots and a short film. Allowing for their models to stand out from the competition, which is crucial in this competitive ever changing industry.

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