Miles Teller Reveals To Never Having Seen 'Star Wars' Before His Audition

Miles Teller admits to have never watched 'Star Wars' before his Han Solo audition

Rumors are spiraling around about the casting of young Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars prequel, with online reports attempting to guess which lucky actor will end up becoming rich and famous after starring in the upcoming prequel movie. Related: Casting for Disney’s Han Solo Movie is Down to a Few Actors Among them is Miles Teller, a NYU acting school graduate and traitor in the Divergent series. Teller, who is currently in Atlanta, Georgia starring in the new movie Thank You for Your Service, revealed that he never saw a single Star Wars movie before his Han Solo audition.

'I Had Never Even Seen Any Of The Original Star Wars Movies'

Apparently, you can audition for a character in a popular billion dollar movie franchise even if you've never seen him in action.On the Happy Sad Confused podcast #100, the budding actor discussed his role in Fantastic Four and Divergent, and admitted a few things about his potential casting as the young Han Solo. Teller revealed that when he first agreed to audition for the part, he had actually never seen any of the Star Wars movies: Han Solo Harrison Ford LucasFilm Related: Star Wars Han Solo Movie: How to Audition for a Role
"I had never even seen any of the original Star Wars movies until maybe a month or a couple weeks before my first audition because I was like, 'I should check this out' (laughs). It holds up. I just love Harrison Ford, I think that’s a great character. I love his brand, I mean so many guys would've played that part so wrong and he has humor at the right times."
Although it's surprising he has been working in the movie industry for so long and managed to never see a single Star Wars movie, at least he gave himself a few weeks to discover 'The Force'. Star-Wars-The-Force-Awakens-Han-Solo-Chewbacca Related: ‘Star Wars’ is Now Casting Lead Roles for the Han Solo Spinoff The rest of the interview on the podcast was dedicated to his part in Fantastic Four, which he tried to defend despite the movie's flop in the box office:
"I think it’s unfortunate a movie like that becomes a scarlet letter on a resume when so many talented people worked really hard and maybe a handful of people took it in a negative direction."
You can listen to the entire podcast here. Related: New ‘Star Wars’ Casting Call Reveals Han Solo is Coming Back!

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