25 U.S. Cities That Love the World Cup [Infographic]

Middle America still doesn't care about the World Cup.

In this interesting infographic, created by TheWrap, each soccer ball represents one of ESPN's top markets for last Sunday's U.S. Portugal game, which had 18.2 million viewers. You will notice that all of the biggest markets are along the coast and mostly in the Northeast. According to TheWrap, it has a lot to do with immigration.
Perhaps because soccer is an international game, and the coastal states are the most convenient places for soccer fans from foreign lands to take up residence. Perhaps they have the strongest ties to the Old World, where soccer is a religion. But we don't really know.

Soccer in the United States

ESPN's Top 25 Household Household Markets for U.S.-Portugal on Sunday:

1. Washington, DC … 13.3 household rating 2. Columbus… 12.6 3. New York… 12.5 4. Boston… 11.5 5. Hartford & New Haven… 11.3 6. Providence… 11.2 7. Atlanta… 11.1 8. Baltimore… 11.0 9. Norfolk… 10.5 10. Orlando… 10.5 11. Sacramento… 10.5 12. Seattle-Tacoma… 10.2 13. Kansas City… 10.1 14. San Diego… 10.1 15. West Palm Beach… 10.1 16. Cincinnati… 9.6 17. Los Angeles… 9.4 18. Miami-Ft. Lauderdale… 9.4 19. San Francisco… 9.2 20. Philadelphia… 9.2 21. Las Vegas… 9.0 22. Dayton… 8.9 23. St. Louis… 8.7 24. Phoenix… 8.6 25. Jacksonville… 8.4

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