Scarface Remake is Reportedly Considering Casting Michael B. Jordan for Lead Role

michael B jordan

<p>CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 12: Michael B. Jordan attends the photo-call of 'Farenheit 451' during the 71st Cannes Film Festival on May 12, 2018 in Cannes, France. (Andrea Raffin /</p>

Michael B. Jordan is reportedly being considered for the lead role in the Scarface remake.

Universal has been working on a remake of Scarface for nearly a decade. David Ayer was hired to write the script in 2011. Then, over the years several filmmakers were attached to the project including Harry Potter’s David Yates and The Equalizer’s Antoine Fuqua. Ayer was attached to direct the movie at one point before that movie version was later abandoned.

In 2018, the Coen brothers were working on the latest draft, and in March 2020, Luca Guadagnino was attached to direct. The Call By Your Name discussed the project in several recent interviews, but it was never clear if the Coens were still writing or Fuqua’s casting choice of Diego Luna was still the plan.

According to reports, Universal is considering Michael B. Jordan for the lead role, which will be a reboot of the Al Pacino version of Tony Montana. Both Brian De Palma’s 1983 classic and Howard Hawks’ 1932 version were modern parables on the American Dream, and Guadagnino admitted he wants the latest version to be a modern version of the movie.

In an interview with Collider, Guadagnino explained his vision for Scarface, “People claim that I do only remakes, but the truth of the matter is cinema has been remaking itself throughout its existence. It’s not because it’s a lazy way of not being able to find original stories. It’s always about looking at what certain stories say about our times. The first Scarface from Howard Hawks was all about the prohibition era. Fifty years later, Oliver Stone and Brian De Palma make their version, which is so different from the Hawks film. Both can stand on the shelf as two wonderful pieces of sculpture. Hopefully ours, forty-plus years later, will be another worthy reflection on a character who is a paradigm for our own compulsions for excess and ambition. I think my version will be very timely.”

Michael B. Jordan is a surprising casting decision. The 33-year-old actor is one of Hollywood’s biggest and most talented actors in the industry. If he does end up signing up, he could be heavily involved in the creative process.

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