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Meet Jewitt: The Newest Addition in TLC’s Show 7 Little Johnstons

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Reality Show News

Key Takeaways:
– The 14th season of TLC's 7 Little Johnstons introduces a new face, Jewitt Scott Kitchens Jr.
– Jewitt is the boyfriend of Trent's niece, Carrington, and may appear in future .
– Amber Johnston graduates from the Middle Georgia State University's social course as part of the Class of 2024.

The Johnstons, a beloved family show on TLC, has embarked on its 14th season after entertaining audiences since 2015. With its consistent , the show has continued to pique viewers' interest, and this season is ramping up the excitement with a new face on the screen.

Introducing Jewitt, a New Addition

TLC's popular , 7 Little Johnstons, has audiences abuzz with the appearance of a mysterious newcomer in its latest season. The character has created quite a stir, with fans eager to know more about the individual connected to the Johnston family.

In the unfolding events of the current season, the Johnston family attended the annual Little of America Conference, an annual event dedicated to fostering connections among Little People across America. This time, the conference was located in , , a journey documented on the family's social media.

An active part of the conference, Amber and Trent Johnston, with their five children, met other members of their extended family and various Little People, where Jewitt Scott Kitchens Jr. was introduced on camera.

Mystery Unraveled: Jewitt Scott Kitchens Jr.

The character that has everyone asking questions happens to be Trent's niece, Carrington's boyfriend. Present at the conference and in several scenes, Jewitt's participation suggests that he may have a future role on the show.

Further insights from Jewitt's public profile reveal a passion for . His relationship with Carrington, captured through various , confirms his connection to the Johnston family. Viewers keen on seeing the dynamics of this new entrant can look forward to Jewitt possibly being part of future episodes.

Amber's Significant Achievement

Asides from the show's new addition, fans also celebrate Amber Johnston's considerable accomplishment. Known for her strict parenting and committed work ethic, Amber recently made a notable career shift. She enrolled in a social work course at Middle Georgia State University (MGA).

Recently, Amber celebrated the culmination of her academic journey, sharing the joy with her fans through her social media. Amber displayed her graduation cap and robe, announcing her achievement as part of MGA's Graduating Class of 2024 for BSW.

Sharing various moments of her life-changing event, Amber shared pictures posing with her family and fellow graduates, participating in the pinning ceremony, and showcasing her personalized graduation cap. Fans were quick to congratulate her, flooding the comments with their well wishes.

The 7 Little Johnstons continues to grip viewers in their latest season with fresh developments unfolding with each episode. As the family navigates new adventures and milestones, fans eagerly tune in to join the ride.



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