Is Netflix Planning a New Marvel Series, 'Thunderbolts'?

Rumors suggest that Netflix is creating a new Marvel series called 'Thunderbolts'

While the Marvel has superhero movies planned from now until 2019, much less is known about their plans for the TV side of their productions. Earlier this year, Netflix released 'Daredevil' surprising both fans and critics with their different approach to the superhero franchise. Currently, Netflix is pre-production for 'Iron Fist' and 'Luke Cage' However, according to a new report by That Hashtag Show, Marvel has pointed out that phase 2 of their filmmaking cycle with Netflix will focus on the 'Thunderbolts'. The 'Thunderbolts' is a spinoff of DC comic's 'Suicide Squad', instead of a group of superheroes, 'Thunderbolts' are a group of Marvel villains and antiheroes who claim to have been reformed. Their origin story had one of the biggest twists in comic book history, according to many, and there are several different storylines that can be followed, which is good news for Netflix. In addition, members of the 'Thunderbolts' are making their premiere on 'Daredevil' season 2 and other Marvel movies, which will eventually open the door to the 'Thunderbolts' Netflix series. It looks like the second phase of Marvel/Netflix production will get bigger and better with time. Although most of the members of the 'Thunderbolts' are more grounded characters from the comics, it is clear that there will be bigger explosions, fight scenes over time in the Netflix world of Marvel. Marvel is currently filming 'Captain America: Civil War' in Atlanta, Georgia. If you are a huge Marvel fan, check out our guide to landing a role on 'Captain America 3' here.

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