'Married with Children' Spinoff Coming Soon

'Married with Children' Spinoff is coming soon with the original cast.

'Married with Children' aired for 11 seasons. The fictional dysfunctional Chicago family entertained millions in the late 80s to the late 90s. As Fox's first prime-time TV series, 'Married with Children' helped boost the network in the same category as the Big Three TV networks. After 262 episodes, America watched Al Bundy, a former high school football player turned unlucky woman's shoe salesman, haggle with his obnoxious wife Peggy, his clueless daughter Kelly, and his wise-cracking sun, Bud. Well, get ready after a 18 year hiatus a 'Married with Children' reunion is coming soon. According to E! News, 'Modern Family's David Faustino, who played Bud on the series, says he's developing a "spin-off" of the series.
"Sony has it. They're excited about it," Faustino told me last night at the premiere of his former co-star Christina Applegate's new comedy Vacation (in theaters tomorrow, July 29). "They're working out some legal issues that we hope they work out." "The whole cast, including Christina, is down to do little bits in it," Faustino said, adding, "The idea would be a pilot for a spinoff. That's all I can say right now. It involves me and few other people."
Asked what she thinks her character would be up to these day, Applegate said. "Kelly Bundy probably has like 10 kids. I'm sure of it." Get ready! Source: E! News