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Marina Sirtis’ Deanna Troi Initially Designed as a Three-Breasted Character in Star Trek: The Next Generation


Key Takeaways:
– Marina Sirtis best known for her role as Deanna Troi in : The Next Generation
– The character was initially planned to be more sexualized
– Troi character's initial design included her having three breasts
scriptwriter Dorothy Fontana shut down this idea

The Hidden Side of Star Trek Creation

Ever wondered how your favorite Star Trek characters were formed and evolved? 's tidbit will pique your interest, as it concerns Deanna Troi, the empathetic yet firm psychologist aboard the USS -D. Famously portrayed by Marina Sirtis, Troi was first conceived as a somewhat racy character — with a twist. The creators were considering giving her three breasts, but veteran Dorothy Fontana put a stop to that.

Planning for a show as vast and imaginative as Star Trek is always full of unexpected ideas. Apparently, Deanna Troi's character didn't escape that treatment. Originally, Troi was going to be more of a sexual attraction, deviating from the strong, empathetic counselor we eventually saw on screen. Even one of her initial designs contemplated having her with three breasts.

Emphasizing the Uniqueness of Troi

Marina Sirtis' Troi became very popular among the Star Trek: The Next Generation fan base. Although Captain Picard, portrayed by Sir , is the face of the franchise, Deanna Troi, the counselor of the USS Enterprise-D, also left a strong impression. She had an important function in the , standing out as an empath who provided needed support and advice to Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Dorothy Fontana's Influence and Resolution

The idea of Troi having three breasts was nipped in the bud by renowned writer Dorothy Fontana. She famously expressed her objection to the concept, questioning the practicality of the idea, let alone its narrative relevance. Her resistance steered the creators clear of the idea, much to the relief of many involved in the project.

The Evolution of Deanna Troi's Character

Marina Sirtis' portrayal of the character made Deanna Troi a cornerstone in the Star Trek universe. The character's initial stages were quite different from what was later presented. Early designs pointed towards making her character more alluring, focusing on aesthetics over her intellectual capacities.

Troi earned a well-deserved pat on the back once she began leading more episodes. Despite an early emphasis on her physical appeal, the eventually shifted the to her abilities as an empath, proving pivotal to the plot and dynamics on the spaceship.

Marina Sirtis' Reaction to Character Progression

Marina Sirtis reflected on Troi's evolution in an interview with Screen Rant. She expressed how she was overjoyed her character became less sexualized and more dynamic over time. She welcomed the change, saying it allowed her to finally portray a character with depth and not simply an attractive face on screen.

In retrospect, Deanna Troi has emerged as one of Star Trek's most influential characters, appearing on numerous ‘best-of' Star Trek lists. Her presence became a beacon for strong, empathetic female characters in the sci-fi realm and beyond.

The Changing Facets of Star Trek's Deanna Troi exemplifies how flexible and progressive narrative can shape characters in unimaginable ways. As Star Trek enthusiasts continue to reflect on their favorite episodes, they can relish the idea that Deanna Troi was given a to grow into the character that they now know and love.

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