Man Violently Attacks Several Women at a NYC Casting Call

Man violently attacks and sexually assaults two women at a New York City talent agency's casting call.

"What if this was a rape scene?" Those were the only words a man said to an unsuspecting woman during a New York City casting call before violently sexaully assaulting her. According to reports, a violent groper fondled a woman at a talent agency's casting call while asking, "What if this was a rape scene?" before throwing another woman against a wall and smashing the talent agency's office into pieces. DNAinfo reports, attacker, Jerry Saint Florant, 25, was in the 115 W. 45th St. offices of Nine9 The Unagency while the talent agency was holding an open casting call around 7 p.m. last week. According to police, the agency's manager "repeatedly" asked Saint Florant to leave, but he instead went further inside the location. At some point, Saint Florant lifted up the dress of a woman waiting for the casting call, ran his hands up her thighs and asked her, “What if this was a rape scene?” police said. The woman would try to break free from the man but, he grabbed her feet and threw her on the ground, turning over the chair she was sitting on, police said. According to the criminal complaint, the woman suffered pain to her tailbone. Saint Florant also picked up another woman waiting for the casting call and threw her against the wall, at which point the woman pepper-sprayed him, according to police. Florant also smashed shelves and picture frames inside the front desk area, causing $250 in damage, DNAinfo reports.
Saint Florant was arrested and charged with forcible touching, assault, criminal mischief, menacing, attempted assault, criminal trespass, attempted forcible touching and harassment, the DA’s office said. He is currently being held on $5,000 bail and is expected to next appear in court on Wednesday, city Department of Correction records show.
According to their website, The Nine9 UnAgency has been around since 2003 and provide opportunities for actors and models to succeed in the film industry. "The Nine9 mission is clear: 99% of models and actors aren’t represented by an agency and we are helping them take over the entertainment industry.  Nine9 provides the 99% with the tools, opportunities and support to begin and advance their careers. We believe there is power in numbers, and the 99% is always greater than the 1%." Via DNAinfo What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.