'Man of Steel 2' on "Permanent Hold"

When will Man of Steelhit theaters?

Is Henry Cavill's Man of Steel 2 is on permanent hold?

Man of Steel was a pretty controversial movie among several nerds, but it was a major hit in the Box Office. Man of Steel earned $670 million at the box office and launched the growing DC Cinematic Universe. So of course a sequel is coming soon? Probably not. Den of Geek, following up on that rumor of George Miller directing Man of Steel 2, found out two things. One, that George Miller is currently in talks to direct a DC movie, and two, that Man of Steel is on "permanent hold". We are not too sure what "permanent hold" means in Hollywood, but we're going to assume it's nothing good. man-of-steel It makes sense, if you look at the DC schedule. Zach Snyder is booked until 2019 with Batman v Superman and the two Justice League movies. Henry Cavill is integral to all of those movies, as well, plus whatever other DC movies the studio decides to throw him in. We will probably see another Superman movie but it will take time. The first Man of Steel made a ton of money so, the second one is due out any time soon. If not, we can always bet on a reboot.