Entertainment NewsMahershala Ali's Blade Reboot Grapples with Production Snags, Needs a Director

Mahershala Ali’s Blade Reboot Grapples with Production Snags, Needs a Director


Key Takeaways:

for Mahershala Ali's Blade reboot is delayed due to ' failure to secure a .
– Following Bassam Tariq's exit, the studio handed a list of directors to Ali, including many who have minimal big-studio experience.
– Ali chose Yann Demange to helm the but the director leaves amid a writers' strike, disrupting production schedule.
– The Blade reboot was expected to start production in late 2022 for a November 3, 2023 release, which has now been postponed to November 7, 2025.


's Blade reboot starring Mahershala Ali, the two-time Academy Award-winning actor, is hitting roadblocks. Reports suggest that delays are being caused by Marvel Studios' failure to hire a qualified director. Ali, poised to portray the iconic role of Blade, has reportedly shown signs of frustration over the prolonged postponements.

The Case of the Missing Director

The Blade reboot was all set to roll cameras in 2022 with a release scheduled for November 2023. However, this plan got derailed due to unexpected production delays, pushing the release to November 2025. The primary cause appears to be a stumbling block in finding a suitable director.

Following the departure of original director Bassam Tariq, Ali was given a list of potential replacements. Unfortunately, most of these names were relatively inexperienced at the big studio level. From this list, Ali selected Yann Demange to lead, indicating trust in his vision for the movie.

Strike Throws a Wrench into Production

Just as things seemed to be moving in the right direction, a strike by writers and actors brought the movie to a halt. To keep things moving, Marvel tried to sidestep the strike, bringing in Michael Green to fill in for , the original . However, this move pushed Demange to exit, leaving the movie in a lurch again.

Mahershala Ali's Frustration Mounts

Ali's dissatisfaction has naturally escalated due to these continuous setbacks. It's been two years since he was announced as the new Blade in 2019, with promising progress in other areas of the project. But the failure to secure a steadfast director is casting a shadow on the future of the Blade reboot.

Ali, known for his performances in acclaimed movies like Moonlight and Green Book, is looking to extend his range with Blade. This storied role in the genre is an attractive proposition for any actor. Given this scenario, the delays and setbacks seem to be fueling his frustration.

Blade's production rollercoaster reflects the challenges faced even by established studios like Marvel when dealing with beloved franchises. While their track record in the superhero genre is solid, finding the right mix of talent for Blade is proving more complicated than anticipated.

There is still hope that the issues will be resolved, and fans will finally see Mahershala Ali in the role that has long been planned for him. Until then, one can only hope for a quick resolution to the current dilemma. The iconic vampire hunter movie, Blade, is now expected to hit the big screens on November 7, 2025.

For now, fans and Ali alike can do nothing but wait. While the waiting game continues, expectations remain high for what could be one of the most exciting reboots in Marvel's . Who knows, perhaps this time will ensure that Blade is as sharp as it can be!

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