Channing Tatum 'Magic Mike Live' Shows Are Coming Soon [VIDEO]

Magic Mike is headed to Las Vegas.

Channing Tatum released a video on Facebook announcing that he will be expanding the Magic Mike franchise with Magic Mike strip clubs in Las Vegas.
"I was thinking," Tatum said as he walked, "what's the next step for Magic Mike? 2D? We've done it twice. 3D? 3D hasn't been cool sinceAvatar. Virtual reality? I don't know." That's when Channing Tatum came up with Magic Mike strip clubs.
Magic Mike Live will debut at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas in March 2017. Some of the show's performers are featured in Channing Tatum's Facebook video.
"God knows we have enough gentlemen's clubs in this world, so let's start the first gentle lady's club. ...Or maybe not so gentle, it depends what you're into." He ended the video by asking fans to submit ideas of what they want the show to look like so they "can create it for you." According to the show's website, tickets will be available soon.
You can watch the video below.

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