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Love on the Rocks: The Explosive Breakup of 90 Day Fiance Stars Liz Woods and Big Ed

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Key Takeaways:

– 90 Day Fiance stars Liz Woods and Big Ed's relationship hits the rocks.
– After Ed decided to end their , Liz had a hard time contemplating her future without him.
– The two had a dramatic argument after the break-up, which ended with a surprising final message that left spellbound.
– Big Ed had an ignoble altercation with Liz's mother, which escalated the .
– Ed suggested Liz needed to ‘change' herself to be happy in future relationships, a remark that Liz vehemently disagreed with.

The Breakup and Aftermath of 90 Day Fiance's Liz Woods and Big Ed

The romance between 90 Day Fiance stars Liz Woods and ‘Big Ed' appears to have veered far off the fairytale ending. When Ed decided to call it quits, the impact was more than just emotional as Liz expressed difficulties grappling with a fresh chapter of her where Ed was absent.

After their separation, Ed and Liz engaged in a fierce exchange of words that left audiences stupefied. Their explosive argument culminated with a startling final statement. But why did disagreements continue even after their relationship ended? What was this puzzling ending note all about?

The Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

Taking step towards healing, Liz travelled back to her hometown in San Diego post-breakup. Unfortunately, she had to revisit to collect her personal belongings, a daunting scenario that forced her to confront her ex-fiance once more. did she know, she was bracing for an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Liz decided to bring her mother along, which unexpectedly added fuel to the fire. Ed crossed a line when he disrespected Liz's mother during a fiery confrontation. His inappropriate behavior triggered a strong reaction of disapproval from Liz. He did apologize to her for the overblown argument, but then implied that Liz's mom was the instigator, according to an exclusive sneak peek shared by .

Ed's Excuses and Liz's Take on Them

Liz was in no mood for Ed's excuses. Asserting her stand, she demanded Ed to behave better with women. She stood her ground, saying that there was no excuse for his misbehavior and insisted that he needs to reflect upon his actions. Yet, it seemed that Ed still didn't realize his error as he hinted that Liz's mother wasn't lady-like.

Towards Mutual Learning – Ed's Perspective

Ed is not one to back down from a dispute, especially without sharing his opinion. He attempted to flip the script by suggesting that Liz should take it as a learning experience and make changes in herself. His controversial view raised eyebrows as he expounded on how she wouldn't be able to find happiness in future relationships unless she changes.

Liz strongly refuted Ed's comments and threw some shade back at him by reminding him of his own behavioral flaws. She asserted that if there's anyone who needs to learn anything from their relationship, it's definitely Big Ed.

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