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Lili Reinhart Joins ‘American Sweatshop’, A Mystery Thriller by Barry Levinson

Lili Reinhart
LOS ANGELES - MAR 07: Lili Reinhart arrives for the 'Five Feet Apart' Los Angeles Premiere on March 07, 2019 in Westwood, CA (DFree / Shutterstock.com)

Key Takeaways:

, of Riverdale fame, secures lead role in Levinson's mystery thriller ‘American Sweatshop.'
– The film is being directed by Emmy nominee Uta Briesewitz.
– ‘American Sweatshop' explores the impact of social media through a unique lens.
– The script is written by Matthew Nemeth, known for ‘City on a Hill.'
– Reinhart will also serve as an Executive alongside Briesewitz and others.

Stepping into “American SweatShop”

Immersing herself into an intriguing new role, Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart joins the movie ‘American Sweatshop.' The film, produced by winner Barry Levinson and directed by Uta Briesewitz, promises to be a mystery-filled thriller with a social media twist. In this , Reinhart will embody Daisy Moriarty, a character ensnared in the dark underbelly of the .

Amy Briesewitz's Unique Direction

Briesewitz, an Emmy nominee, has an impressive repertoire of credits under her belt, including ‘', ‘The Wheel of Time', ‘', and ‘This Is Us.' She'll bring her distinctive directorial vision to ‘American Sweatshop.' The screenplay by Matthew Nemeth is set to engage the with an inventive exploration of the effects of social media.

Inside “American Sweatshop”

Reinhart's character Moriarty navigates a chaotic personal life while being plunged into the unsettling world of censoring harmful content on social media. She, along with a diverse group of colleagues, work diligently in a cottage industry where their primary role is to evaluate and ‘flag for review' offensive content that inundates social media platforms. However, one particular violent video stirs Daisy's core, spiraling her into an obsessive pursuit of justice.

On this role, Reinhart states: “American Sweatshop discusses a subject many of us can relate to – the dark side of the internet. It's alarming how everyday exposure to online violence can mentally affect us. I'm excited to work with Uta on a movie that handles this issue in such an original and captivating way.”

Behind The Scenes

Jason Sosnoff and Anita Elsani are co-producing this ground-breaking film. Reinhart joins the production team as an executive producer alongside Briesewitz, Kirk D'Amico, Matthew Nemeth, Catherine Hagedorn, and Joanna Plasky. D'Amico offers insights on the upcoming feature: “Through this provocative movie, we'll present audiences with a unique perspective on the darker aspects of the internet. ‘American Sweatshop' presents a compelling and timely narrative.”

The Production of ‘American Sweatshop' offers a glimmer of promise in unmasking the harsh realities of social media and its impacts. The movie, a blend of suspense and dramatic narrative, helmed by an established creative team and led by an experienced young actress like Reinhart, might be the much-needed conversation starter.

What's your take on ‘American Sweatshop'? Share your thoughts on Reinhart's collaboration with this exceptional team. Are you excited about this eye-opener on the impacts of social media?



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