Levi's CEO: 'Stop Washing Your Jeans and Start Freezing Them'

LEVI's CEO says stop washing your jeans.

At the recent Fortune "Brainstorm Green" conference the CEO of Levi Strauss & co., Chip Bergh, said some interesting things about your jeans. Essentially telling millions of people to skip washing them. Bergh talked about companies such as H&M that develop products that are to be discared after a month or so after wearing them. He points out that Levi's are designed to outlast any other pair of jeans as long as you don't wash them.   He discussed the line of Levi's line of "waterless jeans" pants that not only use less warter and energy during production, but can also basically never be washed. He said instead of sending your jeans through the washing mashine just throw them in the freezer overnight to kill any unwanted bacteria. But, this is not a recent invention from the research and development team over at the Levi's headquarters. But, something Levi's has been saying for years. But, many people say the freezer method is a short term solution and not something that you can do for years. A Gizmodo article from 2011 debunks the concept.
While some of your jeans' germs might not survive the freezer, some will, because they're hardy like that. They mostly come from you, and thrive at body temperature. So when you put on your frozen jeans and your warm body heats up those chilly germs (Cray says it only takes one survivor), they will repopulate and have a microbial party in your pants.
If you don't like washing them in the freezer try doing in the Ocean.