Leonardo DiCaprio's Response to His Golden Globe Nomination is INSPIRING

Following the announcement of Golden Globe nominations, actor Leonardo DiCaprio shocked the world with his humble response to gaining a nomination.

There is a long standing joke in Hollywood that Leonardo DiCaprio desperately wants but never will win an Academy Award. The actor has appeared in countless movies and was nominated several times but, for some reason Oscar judges continue to ignore the actor. This year may be Leonardo DiCaprio's year as he was nominated for a Golden Globe for the movie The Revenant. His words on being nominated are pretty damn inspiring for an actor that can basically do or say anything he wants. This is what he had to say: "I was asleep and my assistant woke me up with the good news," said the Revenant star. "It’s a fantastic feeling to be nominated along with the film and Alejandro [Inarritu>. So much thought and work and effort was put into this movie. Everyone worked so incredibly hard. We really feel like we achieved some piece of cinematic art with this one. It was years in the making and a year of shooting and even longer for Alejandro, so it’s a good feeling. So much it was spoken about it before hand and we really knew what we were signing up for -- the entire movie was difficult. Every day was a challenge, but that was the kind of adventure we were going on. We knew we were going to immerse ourselves in the wilderness like this and we knew that part of the journey of doing that, trying to emulate this man’s struggle to survive, was to put a lot of that experience and a lot of that feelings we had when we were out there into the storyline. The entire film was as test of endurance, but that’s the great thing -- at the end of the day you get to watch that up on the screen. It’s a rewarding feeling." What do you think of Leonardo DiCaprio's comments? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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