Entertainment NewsLeo Woodall Might Be the Next James Bond, Surpassing Henry Cavill and...

Leo Woodall Might Be the Next James Bond, Surpassing Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy


Key Takeaways:
Leo Woodall is now the favorite to play , overshadowing Henry Cavill and .
has bid adieu to the 007 franchise after 15 years and five films.
– Woodall has shown his spy-acting skills in the Russo brothers' series, Citadel.
– Despite being a favorite for the role, Henry Cavill worries about losing out on the part again.

Changing of the Guard in the James Bond Franchise

For more than six decades, James Bond, a legendary character crafted by Ian Fleming, has entranced movie lovers. Sean Connery first brought the suave British spy to life on screen, since then six different actors have embraced the role. Daniel Craig, most recently retiring from the franchise, is widely recognized for adding a unique touch to the Bond persona.

Who Will be the Seventh James Bond?

Daniel Craig's departure after five thrilling Bond films has left awaiting the announcement of his successor. With popular names like Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy, and Aaron Taylor Johnson being circulated as potential replacements, the race to become the next 007 is intense. But it seems actor Leo Woodall has outpaced the competition thanks to his compelling performance in the spy series Citadel.

Leo Woodall, a Strong Contender for James Bond

Leo Woodall, known for his work in Citadel and One Day, is rumored to be the frontrunner to become the film's next sly agent. According to betting site, betideas.com, as referenced by Express UK, Woodall has the best odds at 7/1 to replace Craig.

The Russo brothers, for , created the Citadel spy thriller series. Critics likened Citadel to a cocktail of Mission: Impossible, The Bourne Identity, and James Bond, with a splash of Indiana Jones. Woodall's stellar performance in this series, coupled with his iconic role in The White Lotus, positioned him as a strong candidate for the next 007.

Henry Cavill Speaks About the Role of Bond

Henry Cavill, who once lost the Bond role to Daniel Craig in 2006, is again a top contender. However, he has expressed uncertainty about bagging the much-coveted role. Cavill shared his thoughts on The Rich Eisen Show, expressing concern over age and the producers' plans. He expressed he is as clueless as the audience and is just following the rumors. He also expressed concern over missing out on the opportunity once again.

What Fans Can Expect

Although nothing is concrete, the speculation continues about who will be the next James Bond. In the meantime, fans of Leo Woodall can enjoy his exceptional performance in One Day, a popular romantic series on Netflix. The actor's performance in One Day has drawn in numerous viewers who will undoubtedly support him if he becomes the next 007.

Woodall's performance in Citadel, available on Prime Video, undeniably showcases his suitability for the Bond role. Meanwhile, fans wait with bated breath to see which actor will take on the iconic role in this legendary franchise.

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