Leaked 'Star Wars: Episode 8' Photos Go Viral

Star Wars: Episode 8 photos reveal new mysterious characters.

With all of the recent hype surrounding the Star Wars franchise these photos are expected to go viral overnight. Episode 8 is shooting right now and there has been many leaked photos from the set. Most of the photos so far have contained a hallway on a planet which looks like Tatooine and a landspeeder blowing nup. All of the pictures previously were pretty boring and there has been nothing worth talking about until these photos surfaced on Twitter. Have a look:

So who's that mysterious alien?

There are two different aliens we see in the leaked photos and many people seem to argue that it's the general of the First Order. But nobody really knows. Another rumor is that the leaked pictures all seem to reference Han Solo's funeral. Either way, we will never know until the movie hits theaters a few years from now. Until then, if you are interested in working on the next Star Wars movie, check out the casting calls here.

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