Lamar Odom's Near Death Experience Boosts Kardashian's Likes by 300%

Lamar Odom's recovery is boosting Kardashians Facebook exposure.

Fans are uniting to support the Kardashians this week, as a new report from ListenFirst Media via Variety reports, that the social media presence for the Kardashians have skyrocketed during Lamar Odom's recovery. According to a study that measures hashtags, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia, Lamar Odom's road to recovery has been a highly discussed issue with a large majority of people hoping and praying for his recovery. Kardashian 1 Helga Esteb / In fact, Lamar Odom's consciousness, as well as content about Kanye caring for North West has garnered thousands of likes, shares and comments on Facebook. Increasing the number of likes, shares and comments by 300%. Ultimately, putting the reality series on the list of one of the most discussed entertainment personalities this week. It was recently reported that Lamar Odom's health is improving and is now traveling to Los Angeles for more care with Khloe Kardashian by his side.

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