Lamar Odom: Not Welcomed Home

 Earlier this week, it was reported that Khloe Kardashian staged an intervention, with her family, for her Husband Lamar Odom. Odpm, reportedly fled out of his house in anger.

After Odom, supposedly fled his house in anger, he was missing for three days. However, his father said that he knew exactly where his son was located, and he was not missing. Odom's father also told his son, "This is not a good look." It is reported that Odom is addicted to crack cocaine. On Friday, Lamar Odum got a DUI, he was arrested and released on bail. A source said that Odum is not welcomed home until he gets treatment for his drug addiction.   What do you think of these latest on Lamar Odom? Do you think it is just a publicity stunt? Leave Us a Comment below!

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