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Kubo and Bumblebee Director, Travis Knight, to Adapt Award-Winning Novel Piranesi into Animation


Key Takeaways:

– Travis Knight, CEO of Laika Studios and acclaimed director, is set to produce an animated adaptation of Susanna Clarke's best-known novel, Piranesi.
– Prior to committing to Piranesi, Knight is actively developing the stop-motion animation of Colin Meloy's fantasy novels, Wildwood.
– The Wildwood animation stars Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Jacob Tremblay, , and more.
– Clarke applauds the creative talents at Laika and is looking forward to the animated interpretation of her novel, Piranesi.

Travis Knight, the director with renowned movies like Bumblebee and Kubo and the Two Strings, is ready to amaze us again. This time the CEO of Laika Studios has stepped up for an exciting new adventure. He's adapting Susanna Clarke's best-selling novel, Piranesi, into an animated . Let's not forget he's also preparing another , a stop-motion animation of the Wildwood fantasy novels by Colin Meloy.

The Journey Through Wildwood

The Wildwood animation journey engages multiple characters voiced by talented including Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Jacob Tremblay, and Mahershala Ali. In this enchanted tale, Prue and her friend Curtis stumble upon a secret world, occupied by a variety of beings. They find themselves spiraling within a battle for the freedom of this magical wilderness locals refer to as Wildwood.

For those not familiar, Wildwood is more than just an eye-catching story. The book brims with over eighty illustrations, including six colorful plates, immersing readers deeper into the magical journey.

Diving Into Clarke's Piranesi

Now, let's talk about Piranesi. Piranesi, our character, lives in the House, amidst the grandeur of labyrinthine halls, statues in thousands, furious tides, and slow-moving clouds. He spends his days observing and recording these wonders in his notebooks. Everything starts to change when mysterious chalk messages start appearing and he realizes there's someone new in the House.

The appearance of this unidentified person triggers Piranesi's journey of . His world begins to bizarre and menacing, yet the House's beauty remains immeasurable and its kindness, infinite. This captivating tale sure does sound like a tasty treat to the imaginative minds at Laika.

Clarke Takes on Animation

Susanna Clarke, the mastermind behind Piranesi, is fond of animation. She regards Laika's exceptional productions such as Coraline and Kubo and the Two Strings as inspiring. Therefore, she is beyond thrilled that Laika and Knight are interested in bringing her award-winning story to .

She said, “Animation is one of my favorite things. I'm thrilled that Piranesi has found a home with them and I can't wait to see what they do.”

Imagine the Joy of

Knight himself is equally enthusiastic about the project. Speaking of Piranesi, he said, “As a , I can scarcely imagine a more joyful experience than wandering through the worlds Susanna dreamed into being.” He feels humbled to have the opportunity to engage with one of his favorite authors' creations.

To say we're excited about this would be an understatement. It seems that these two passionate powerhouses of the animation and literary worlds are set to create an incredible journey through the halls of the House in Piranesi. With Knight's proven storytelling expertise and Laika's superior animation chops, this adaptation promises to be a cinematographic gem. Until further announcements, we'll be eagerly waiting, ready and thrilled for what's to come.

Looks like it's time to pick up Piranesi and dive into Clarke's world, as we eagerly anticipate this entrancing animated adaptation by Knight and his talented team at Laika. Are you ready for this thrilling adventure?

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