Police Say Aspiring Atlanta Actress Murder Was a 'Targeted Hit'

Atlanta Police are searching for a person of interest after aspiring actress murder was a targeted hit

Georgia's growing film industry has created a miniature version of Hollywood in Atlanta, Georgia. Essentially, everyone seems to know everyone else in the film industry. When it was announced that Kisha Brown was murdered the day before her birthday, everyone was shocked by the news. Since the report, police have given little to no details surrounding her murder, until now. According to the AJC, Atlanta police say a man, who was seen at an Atlanta strip mall the night before Kisha Brown was killed, matches a description of a man seen running away from the July 1st shooting. Jokisha Brown Shooting Police released photos on Thursday of a man seen in the area the night Kisha Brown was shot and killed. “He was seen running away from the location immediately after the shooting,” Atlanta police spokesman Maj. Adam Lee said Thursday. Investigators believe Kisha Brown's killer targeted her and this man, even though he is not a formal suspect in her murder, is a person of interest because he was seen the night before the shooting and the night of the shooting. Maj. Adam Lee described Kisha Brown's shooting as a "very viscious murder, homicide" and said Brown was not robbed. "We believe (Brown) was the intended target,” Lee said. “Whoever did this meant to kill her. It looks like a hit." If you have any news or leads regarding Kisha Brown's murder, please contact Atlanta Police. Via AJC Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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