Kim Kardashian is Focusing on Helping People Get Jobs After Prison (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian

NEW YORK - JUNE 4, 2018: Kim Kardashian attends the CFDA Awards at the Brooklyn Museum on June 4, 2018, in New York. - Image (JStone /

Kim Kardashian went to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she discussed the next step in her fight for criminal justice reform.

"I think there's such a stigma on people hiring formerly incarcerated people," Kardashian told Fallon.

Kardashian has used her influence to advocate for prison reform since President Trump granted Alice Marie Johnson clemency last year after Kardashian advocated on her behalf at the White House. During Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday night, Johnson made an appearance as Trump admitted that Johnson’s story is an example of the "disparities and unfairness that can exist in criminal sentencing." 

Kim Kardashian Kanye West NEW YORK - DEC 3, 2018: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West attend the Broadway opening night of "The Cher Show" on December 3, 2018, in New York City. - Image (JStone /

Kardashian mirrored those feelings when she told Fallon Thursday night, "There's so many people that are incarcerated for life. For murder, that maybe they were just next to someone, and there was a group of people, and a fight broke out and somebody unfortunately died. But they didn't even hit the person, didn't even have a weapon, and were serving life."

Kardashian then told Fallon she believes these people, who are pardoned, deserve a second chance at life, and she has one idea to help them once they get out. "I would love to hire formerly incarcerated people," Kardashian stated.

Kardashian is an incredible entrepreneur who can provide a lot of opportunity with her cosmetics line, fragrances and mobile app. She hopes other companies will follow suit.


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