Killer Imitates 'American Psycho' in Two Brutal Murders

British banker Rurik Jutting confessed to 'American Psycho' killings in Hong Kong

Police report that a 29-year-old Merrill Lynch stock trader brutally murdered two movies and hid their bodies at his expensive apartment complex in Hong Kong. Read more: Need a Monologue? Christian Bale’s ‘American Psycho’ Monologue [VIDEO> Rurik Jutting, a Cambridge alum, was arrested this weekend after he called police and confessed to the murders. He reportedly updated his Facebook status with the message, "Money DOES buy happiness". Police found two dead women, one lying in the living and another stuffed inside a suitcase stashed on the balcony filled with sex toys, and cocaine. Rurik Jutting According to reports, the woman in the living room had been killed that night but the woman in the suitcase had been dead "for quite some time." Neighbors had reportedly complained of a strange odor coming from Jutting's apartment prior to the killer's confession. BBC reports that both women are believed to be Indonesian prostitutes. Read more: Kanye West and ‘American Psycho’ Author to Make a Movie The biggest twist in this murder mystery is that the killer imitated Christian Bale's character in the movie, American Psycho:

He dined with a string of beautiful women in exclusive restaurants across the globe, according to those who know him.

He enjoyed skiing holidays in Courchevel, the Alpine playground for the elite, and when in London he relaxed at a private members' club in Shoreditch.

The son of an engineer father and a nursery teacher mother, Jutting was described by one colleague in Hong Kong as someone who 'talked very loud and made loads of money'.

The 2000 cult-classic, American Psycho centers around a wealthy New York investment banking executive hides his alternate psychopathic ego from his co-workers and friends as he escalates deeper into his horrific fantasies.

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Co-workers explained Jutting quit his job earlier this month but, this is not the first Hong Kong banker murder mystery linked to the international bank, Merril Lynch. The Wall Street Journal points out that in 2003 a Merrill Lynch banker was murdered by his wife, Nancy Kissel, in a case that would become known as the "milkshake murder."

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